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Bopworks Drum Sticks

Steve Weiss Music is pleased to announce that we now carry the full line of Bopworks Drumsticks. These sticks are reproductions of popular “light” jazz models from the 50’s and 60’s. Sticks from this time period tended to be shorter and thinner with longer tapers than modern sticks. These designs allow you to play “off” your ride cymbal more without becoming overpowering or washing out because there is less weight in the front of the stick. The Bopworks sticks are ideal for combo gigs in small rooms but are versatile enough for almost any jazz gig that comes your way. We tested these sticks on several light ride cymbals, such as the Bosphorus Masters Series, and the sound was phenomenal. They created a full, articulate ride cymbal sound without the excessive overtones created by heavier sticks. Fast tempos at soft dynamic levels were effortless, but you could also punch a big accent when needed. They had a somewhat “bouncier” feel than modern sticks due to the longer taper.

The Bopworks line-up currently includes four “standard” models and three signature models.

Birdland L=15 5/16″ W=.500″
Savoy L=15 5/16″ W=.535″
Storyville L=15 13/16″ W=.540″
West Coast L=15 13/16″ W=.520″
Mel Lewis L=15 1/8″ W=.540″
Gene Krupa L=16″ W=.515″
Shelly Manne L=15 1/8″ W=.500″

The signature sticks are faithful reproductions of sticks used by the artist at the height of their popularity. All of the Bopworks models are made from hickory and are matched for pitch and weight.

For additional information, visit http://www.bopworks.net/

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  • Justin Levitt April 29, 2018, 1:14 pm

    Hey There! I know this is a pretty old post but just wanted to add cents worth of opinion regarding the Bopworks reproduction jazz drumsticks. I absolutely love them! Since they started reproducing them again I have not used anything since. I’d also say that they’re pretty close to the vintage/original jazz drumsticks made by bopworks.

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