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New Marching Percussion Resource Center

Gearing up for marching band season? Nothing is better than getting an early start on building your chops, writing your drums books, and finding new, innovative ways to teach your drum line and front ensemble/pit. We have compiled our best marching percussion resources to help get you started! From snare drum, tenor, and bass drum books, to warm-up guides, famous drum corps cadences, and complete front ensemble guides, there is something for everyone. We carry a full line of books and DVD videos that will help enhance all of your drum line’s skills. These incredible resources come from some of the top names in DCI and university percussion sections such as Bill Bachman, Thom Hannum, Jim Casella, Jim Ancona, John Wooton, and many more. Looking for new ways to challenge yourself or your students? We have also included a selection of modern rudimental and marching drum solo collections for those looking to raise their skills up to the next level.

Writing your own percussion arrangements? Be sure to check out Tapspace Virtual Drumline software. Featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard, this incredible piece of software gives arrangers the most powerful sonic tools available to aid in their writing process. This collection of sounds has become the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Virtual Drumline works with both Finale and Sibelius software and templates for the newest versions of each are available from Tapspace.

When you’re finished checking out the marching percussion resource center, be sure to browse around our great selection of marching sticks, mallets, and practice pads as well! Get all the tools you need for a successful season right here at Steve Weiss Music.

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