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Stand for Vic Firth Tenor Pad

I recently picked up a Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Tenor Pad to find out what the multi-tenor world was all about. So far, it has been an interesting and rewarding side venture in my practice time. I came across a lot of great material in Bill Bachman’s Quad Logic and Julie Davila’s Modern Multi-Tenor Techniques and Solos. These books are totally worth checking out if you want to get a taste of the tenor world.

One challenge I came across with my new Vic Firth Quad Pad was mounting it in a comfortable playing position. I started off by placing it on my desk at home. This option was not happening due to the desk being too low. I then moved on to placing it on top of my dryer. Yet again a no go due to the pad being to high. The next day I brought the pad back to work to test out some alternative stands to get it in the perfect playing position.

Option 1 utilizes a Pearl S1000LS Concert Height Snare Drum Stand. The overall stability was pretty good. A small amount of “wobble”, however I’m sure that it is nothing out of the ordinary for marching tenors. When it comes down to it there will be a small amount of instability when you wear a set of tenors anyway. The great thing about this option is portability. This stand will fit easily into a small backpack. The height on this model is adjustable from 27″-36″.

Option 1

Option 2 utilizes an Ultra KKS700BK X-Type Style Stand. This option was the best as far as stability goes. Minus the tallest height setting, the stand is rock solid. When I initially tried this one out, I thought that height adjustment would be a concern. I soon found out that the height settings allowed this stand to go from 27″-40″. This height adjustment was versatile enough to get a blessing from one of our vertically gifted co-workers (He is 6′ 8″). The one downside of this option is the size of the stand. It’s relatively portable, however the S1000LS has the poratability side of things locked up.

Option 2

We would love to hear the stand solutions that you have come up with for this pad. Feel free to leave a comment so we can check out what you do with your tenor pad!

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  • casper December 21, 2008, 2:35 pm

    just practice with your pad on your bed. use something soft under your knees so you will not hurt them.

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