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Tenor Mallet Comparison

Implement selection can separate your marching percussion ensemble from the rest of the pack. The right tenor mallet can completely change the blend and balance an ensemble. The list below give a quick rundown of some of the more popular mallets available. It is divided into the three broad categories of implements. The Tenor Sticks will provide your tenor line with an articulate sound that blends well with the snare line. The Tenor Mallets will give you a full sound that is great for multi-purpose playing scenarios. The last section of Tenor Felts will give your tenor players a warm sound that will blend well with low voices and lower volume scenarios. It is by no means a comprehensive break down or list; there are many mallets that are not featured here that provide fantastic results. The key to the right ensemble sound is experimentation and variety. Enjoy!

Tenor Sticks

Model # Length Diameter Tip Comments
Innovative FS2T 16 1/4″ 0.698″ Reverse Teardrop The shorter length aids in dexterity around the drums. These are a great option for moments where the density of notes does not demand high volumes.
Innovative TS1 15 11/16″ .725″ to .630″ Oversize Round Bead The balanced weight and fulcrum notch give a great sense of control to the player. The TS1’s weight will draw sound out of the drums.
ProMark TS5 16 1/4″ 0.640″ Barrel The reverse taper and meaty shoulder of this stick give the stick an excellent fulcrum centered balance. The sticks pull a lot of sound out of the drum. Great Multi-Purpose stick.
Vic Firth SRHTS 15 5/16″ 0.690″ butt Large Barrel Tip Similar design to the TS1. The large diameter provides stability in the players hand. This stick will create a full sound while still being articulate.
Vic Firth STHTS 16 1/2″ 0.690″ butt
0.640″ shaft
Acorn / Barrel Not intended as a multi-purpose playing stick. The terraced taper allows for a higher, brighter timbre that verges on a timbale sound.

Tenor Synthetic Mallets

Model # Length Diameter Tip Comments
Innovative FT1 14 1/2” 0.620″ Hard Synthetic
1 3/8″ x 3/8″
A truly solid tenor mallet. The fulcrum notch and increased shoulder for rim-shots give this mallet a good balance point. The weight of the mallet will make the drums resonate fully.
Innovative FT1AH 14 1/4″ Rubber Grip Hard Synthetic
1 1/4 x 1/2″
Features the largest diameter rubber grip. The weight is between the ATA1 and the MT1A.
ProMark ATA1 14” Rubber Grip Hard Synthetic
1 1/4″ x 1/2″
The ATA1 has a solid balanced feel. When used on a pad this mallet has the least amount of vibration. This mallet also has the heaviest weight.
Vic Firth MT1A 14 1/2″ Rubber Grip Hard Synthetic
1 1/4 x 1/2″
This was the lightest tenor mallet in the group. Despite the weight you can still get a full sound due to the front heavy design of the mallet.

Tenor Hybrids

Model # Length Diameter Tip Comments
Innovative TS2 16 3/8” .698” Hard Synthetic Ball The synthetic ball provides an articulate, focused sound. An even balance puts the stick control in the hands of the performer.
ProMark TS7 16″ .700″ Hard Synthetic Puck Similar in design to the SSJTS, however with increased diameter and weight. Capable of having a full sound with the articulation desired from a hybrid.
ProMark TS8 16 1/4″ .720″ Hard Synthetic Puck Extremely balanced implement. Solid feel in hands due to large diameter. Will get great projection out of the drums.
Vic Firth SSJTS 16 1/4″ .680″ Hard Synthetic Puck The front weight balance of this stick gives it great rebound and control at all dynamic levels.
Vic Firth STATH 15 3/4″ .700″ butt
.650″ shaft
Hard Synthetic Puck This implement is the closest thing to a mallet in this category. The length and weight allow for control and articulation at the lower end.

Tenor Felt Mallets

Model # Length Diameter Tip Comments
Innovative FT2A 14 1/4” Rubber Grip 1 1/4″ x 3/4″
Hard Felt
The shape of the felt head sets this mallet apart from the rest. The increased mass will produce a fuller sound while still keeping the mellow sound of felt.
ProMark ATA2 14″ Rubber Grip 1″ x 1″
Hard Felt Ball
Similar to the MT2A with shorter length and more weight.
Vic Firth MT2A 14 1/2″ Rubber Grip 1 1/8” x 1″
Hard Felt Ball
The Felt ball will produce a focused mellow sound that will blend well with a musical ensemble.

Please add any information we missed to the comments section. We will try to keep this list up to date.

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  • Carl Bibeau June 2, 2013, 3:24 pm

    Any idea where I can get a pair of Calato’s Gus Barbaro signature tenor mallets? I understand they haven’t made them in years.

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