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Pearl Percussion Delivers on 2008 New Products

Over a month ahead of schedule, Pearl Percussion has delivered most of their New For 2008 products. Included are the Ultra Grip Tambourines with adjustable jingles, Brass Jingle and Steel Jingle versions which have adjustable “volume” controls for all sets of jingles. This allows the player to decide how much “jingle” they need for the tune being played.

Additions to the Brazilian Instrument line are the Caixa, 18″ Surdo and 22″ Surdo. The Anarchy Clave Block (a cool addition to the highly successful Anarchy Cowbell), PWM20 Wooden chamber Maracas and cool accessory items such as PPS30BD Surdo legs that turn your Surdo into a bass drum and the PPS45 Shekere Holder add to the already extensive Pearl Percussion Accessory lineup. Pearl Percussion has also added onto their Travel Conga product line by coming out with Stands for the Travel Congas (carry bag included) and a Travel Conga Stand Bridge that connects two stands together to add stability for any playing situation.

In addition to all of the new Percussion items from Pearl, the Rock-N-Roll side of Pearl has also delivered the much anticipated Signature Snare Drum by Mike Mangini – a powerhouse of a drum with a Birch Shell and a popping 10×6.2 size! Round all this out with the already delivered new Forum Drumsets, Vision Series Drumsets and the full lineup of Taiko Drums, sticks and bags, and Pearl seems to be delivering ahead of schedule on their promises.

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