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Gretsch Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Limited Edition Drum Sets

Founded in 1883 by Friedrich Gretsch, an immigrant from Mannheim Germany, the Gretsch Drum Company is celebrating it’s 125th Anniversary in 2008 in a similar way they have celebrated their milestone anniversaries in the past – with specially designed and very limited edition products. Gretsch Guitars is featuring a special 125th Anniversary Chet Atkins Guitar which will have only 25 total pieces made worldwide!

Likewise, on the Gretsch Drum Set side, there are three very special and limited edition Drums Sets being manufactured in celebration of 125 years in business. Each of these drum sets is limited to 125 kits made and each is patterned after great Gretsch setups of the past. The Gretsch Rock Legend Drum Set has many of the same features found in the drum kits played by such greats as Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones and is finished in the beautiful Nitrocellulose Millennium Maple Gloss Lacquer. Each of the five drums included in this Anniversary kit has all the details of times gone by, but with all the up-to-date features of a current spec drum set. The Gretsch Progressive Bop and Gretsch Progressive Jazz Drum Sets are each four piece configurations and are in the ultra sought after Cadillac Green Lacquer finish (the jazz kit including Gold Hardware). These kits were played by great drumming legends such as Max Roach and were a staple in most classic Jazz Clubs (such as Birdland) in the 50’s and 60’s.

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