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Drum Stick Package for Rock Band

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests for drum sticks from fans of the new video game, Rock Band. There has also been a demand for the Gum Rubber Drum Pad Mod, using HQ Soundoff Pads or Vic Firth Drum Mutes. As a result, we’ve put together a package that offers silent playing with better rebound, and professional quality drum sticks to enhance game play.

Drum Sticks
One of our staff members who is a professional drummer and avid gamer selected the Zildjian Rock Black Drum Sticks for playing Rock or Heavy Metal songs in the game and the Zildjian Travis Barker White Drum Sticks for Pop or Alternative songs in the game. The difference in color allows for quick stick changes. The difference in weight, length and diameter offer an enhanced feel, optimized for the different genres of music.

Stick Tips
As vtjustinb points out on the Rock Band Forum, the stock drum setup lacks realistic rebound and is incredible loud. The Innovative Percussion Practice Tips slip over the tip of your drum stick to make the stick hit quieter, and to enhance the stick rebound. Each package tips contains one pair each of the three sizes (thin, medium, and thick) so the player can choose the thickness that best suits their feel and sound needs. We’ve tested these tips with the game and feel that they greatly improve the feel of the pads to make them feel more realistic. No need to mod your system as previously described on the Rock Band forums.

This package is located on our site here: Rock Band Drum Stick Upgrade Package

Rock Band Drum Sticks

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