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Pearl Eliminator + Steroids = Pearl Demon Drive Pedal

Several years ago, Pearl Drums introduced the Eliminator line of bass drum pedals that featured many adjustments and options that were not available on any pedal to that point. Today, they introduced the Pearl Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal series that takes any pedal currently available to all new heights. Direct Drive, a first on any Pearl pedal, enables the foot board to act perfectly in sync with the players foot to eliminate the slight “hick-up” feel that a chain or belt drive produces after the beater strikes the head. Combine that with all of the other features that the new Pearl Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal has, and you can literally adjust it to any feel and positioning you desire. Some would say that too many adjustments is a bad thing or that you will never need that many adjustments in your life. Having too many adjustments is not the point, and neither is the fact that you will most likely set-it-and-forget-it (ah….the long awaited Ron Popeil reference). The point is that you actually have the ability to set this pedal to whatever YOU want it to be; that is the beauty of it. If you never mess with it again, it has accomplished what it is designed to do, give you the player the ability to put your own feel and touch to it. This pedal will not be available until late April or early May, 2009. This is a bit of a drag and it is certainly not the least expensive pedal ever made. But, when it does hit, the wait and expense will be worth it.

Pearl Demon Drive Single Pedal   Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal

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  • Pearl reference February 25, 2010, 1:33 pm

    totally love these pearl demon drive pedals, they get those kick drums pounding big time!

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