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A Better Mousetrap? The Mallet Minder Actually Delivers!

Anyone who has teaching experience or has played in a Marching Bass Drum section has come across the seemingly lifelong issue of…..why do I have to keep spending money on replacement Bass Drum Mallet Holders that keep breaking? The less-than-sturdy plastic clips on most Mallet Holders break easily caused by anything from the weather to simply using them too much. And most of the time, they break at the worst possible time….on the final run-through before the field show begins.

Well, a concerned parent of a high school Bass Drummer in Ohio decided that there must be a way to stop spending money on holders that break and built a better Bass Drum Mallet Holder that will save you hundreds of dollars in budget spending. The Mallet Minder is definitely the “better mouse trap”. Made of durable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), the Mallet Minder is designed to be (and absolutely delivers) reliable, quiet, affordable and esthetically pleasing to look at. This Bass Mallet Holder has been field tested for two years in all kinds of weather conditions and has held up against everything a drum line can throw at it.

If you want the answer for spending money just once on mallet holders for your bass drum line, then check out the Mallet Minder…..you won’t be disappointed.

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