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Introducing the NEW Steve Weiss Music Website

Steve Weiss Music, your “All-Things-For-All-Drummers” place to shop and the leading drum and percussion product and information specialists since 1961, is going to change the way you shop online for your percussive needs. On Monday June 22nd, the Steve Weiss Music website will undergo a change that will enable you to more easily, quickly, safely, and effectively search and shop for all of your drumming needs.

We redesigned the site from the ground up to take advantage of cutting edge web and browser technologies. Along with the many things you will notice and immediately be able to use, there are a ton of features and benefits that are behind the scenes and will be working for you to ensure that your shopping experience with us will be more enjoyable and far more informative than ever before.

To help everyone discover the new features and benefits of our upgraded website, we are giving away FREE gifts with purchase during the week of June 22nd…..Monday thru Friday. Simply visit our website each and every day of this week and be one of the first 100 customers to purchase anything, that’s right ANYTHING, and you will receive the Giveaway-Of-The-Day for FREE!

Steve Weiss Music has been your trusted partner when purchasing every kind of percussion product known to man, both standard and strange. And since the inception of our website in February 2004, we have worked vigorously to provide each and every customer with a selection and shopping experience that is second to none.

We proudly present our upgraded and improved website, designed to better help everyone find and purchase all of the drum and percussion products you need and desire. Thank you for your continued support for the past 48+ years of our business and 5+ years on the world wide web……enjoy the show.


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