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My thoughts on the Pearl MBS2000 Marching Bass Drum Stand

This past weekend, I was able to check out the new Pearl MBS2000 Marching Bass Drum Stand while teaching the Percussion Ensemble at Villanova University and thought I would pass along my findings.

This stand was designed to be a lower priced alternative ($79.95) to Stadium Series Hardware ($150). There are no movable legs on this bass drum stand, but unless you are actually in the stands for a football game (and those stands are so narrow that the movable leg is needed), I can’t see many other reasons why this stand wouldn’t work.

Actually, the other reason I took one to practice to check out was because one of the two bell players in the Percussion Ensemble had to place the set of bells on top of chairs because we only had one X-style stand in the band room. I thought this MBS2000 stand could also double as a Bell/Glock stand, and it worked beautifully. This stand is made very well with memory locks at two positions, overall height (which can work for almost any size player) and angle of the three “arms” so they won’t slip and fall no matter what size drum you put into the cradle or even it it’s flat to work with a set of bells. The legs are able to be spread extra wide to help with balance of even a 32” Marching drum and has extra big rubber feet to help lessen slippage. With all those heavy duty features, you would think this thing weighs a ton, but it doesn’t. The overall weight is only a fraction more than the Stadium Series counterpart and actually would take up less room in a hardware or carry case.

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